What a mess

That game was unnecessarily wild, terrible and revealing at the same time. Earlier this week I was under the impression the Bills had the game in the bag. In fact, even into the 4th quarter I was still on the EJ bandwagon, as I favorited Jay Skurski’s post, something most fans went against doing:

There were flashes of what I felt were talent and hope from EJ:

I don’t like to RT any WGR staff members but I think this sums up the last play (as many tweets about the last play contain too many expletives):

2-2 is NOT good in my book. Playoffs is a tough word to spit out now. And they have to face the red-hot Lions:


There’s always McDavid

Though they lost, I’m sure some┬ápeople want the┬áSabres to do as best as possible this year. Even if they keep losing, we can always look forward to the possibility of McDavid or Eichel.

A reunion of all sorts

At this Sunday’s Bills v. Texans game, there will be two reunions: Ryan Fitzpatrick, QB with the Texans, and Mario Williams, DE with the Bills in Houston. Super Mario will end up sacking Fitz, creating a Fitztragedy, because as we all know, Fitzmagic only existed here in Buffalo. #BillsMafia.