Buffalo’s on the move, talkin’ proud

So this season reminds me of the 2011 season when we were at one point 5-3, right after the bye. Except now, we’re 5-3 BEFORE the bye. I can’t tell what the difference is but whatever it is I’m happy and this is the best shape the Bills have probably been in since the 9-7 season despite injuries and shoddy OL performance.

After that enormous blowout, some fabulous game highlights:

Nice way to start out:

Geno going down the drain-o:

A little bit of “premature celebration,” not excessive celebration:

The Jester’s circus continues:

At the end of the day, the Jets were grounded and it was a sound defeat.


More of the same

The first three quarters of the NE vs. BUF game was a re-run of the past 25 or so games:


Refs picking sides:

Penalties at every turn, many bogus:

But this team seemed to have gotten a plan around 8 or 9 minutes left in the 4th, down about 16 points. Drive down the field twice, get two touchdowns and two two-point conversions to tie the game.

Miracle drive:

But it was Brandon LaFell’s touchdown that sealed the door of comeback shut, closing the game out 37-22:

What should have been a celebration of a new era was a repeat of the old:

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 4.05.24 PM

Emotions run high; a new era begins

Today, a new era has begun. In a lengthy press conference, Terry Pegula stated his long ties to football, including ironically, being a Lions fan and his passion for the team. He, although apologetically, showed his support for a new stadium, praised Ralph Wilson, and more in his speech. He did it all, answered all questions and showed first class humility and excitement.

A better outlook

The game started off with a heavy pounding of the Bills. Then, what looked like an extremely serious and tragic injury occurred:

The good news was that Ron Brooks seems to have fully functioning limbs as he was able to move his hand.

Personally, I feel as though this tweet summarized the bulk of the game:

The Bills slowly came back, through field goals. Big name players like Marcel Dareus helped recharge the team.

Then came the TD and 2 pt. conversion to tie the game:

A spectacular catch by Watkins leads to a 58 YARD FIELD GOAL to win the game!:

So it seems the Bills have redeemed themselves under Orton, at least for the short term. This should make the Pegula takeover much more optimistic if they make the playoffs.