The trade which broke the internet

First I’d like to say I’m back. This place has been neglected for too long, and its not that hard to maintain a simple weblog.

Kiko is out, Mccoy in. It came as a shock to all of us in the sports world, especially on a Tuesday night when many of us were wrapping up dinner. Here is a selection of tweets I gathered:

And if I find more, I’ll just add them in for your entertainment.


NFL says refs in Broncos game were celebrating correct call, not touchdown with fist bump

Here’s the USAToday take on #Bumpgate.

For The Win

When it comes to touchdown celebrations in the NFL, a fist bump between teammates would be considered pretty mild and almost noteworthy for how quiet it is — unless the fist bump is between officials.

On Sunday after the Broncos’ CJ Anderson scored a touchdown, two officials shared a quiet fist bump — apparently forgetting that the game was televised and there were cameras everywhere.

The NFL’s vice president of communications, Michael Signora, told the Associated Press that the fist bump was “an acknowledgment of good mechanics between the two officials involved in making the call.”

Which certainly didn’t stop fans — and even Bills players from questioning the gesture.

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Buffalo’s on the move, talkin’ proud

So this season reminds me of the 2011 season when we were at one point 5-3, right after the bye. Except now, we’re 5-3 BEFORE the bye. I can’t tell what the difference is but whatever it is I’m happy and this is the best shape the Bills have probably been in since the 9-7 season despite injuries and shoddy OL performance.

After that enormous blowout, some fabulous game highlights:

Nice way to start out:

Geno going down the drain-o:

A little bit of “premature celebration,” not excessive celebration:

The Jester’s circus continues:

At the end of the day, the Jets were grounded and it was a sound defeat.

More of the same

The first three quarters of the NE vs. BUF game was a re-run of the past 25 or so games:


Refs picking sides:

Penalties at every turn, many bogus:

But this team seemed to have gotten a plan around 8 or 9 minutes left in the 4th, down about 16 points. Drive down the field twice, get two touchdowns and two two-point conversions to tie the game.

Miracle drive:

But it was Brandon LaFell’s touchdown that sealed the door of comeback shut, closing the game out 37-22:

What should have been a celebration of a new era was a repeat of the old:

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 4.05.24 PM

Emotions run high; a new era begins

Today, a new era has begun. In a lengthy press conference, Terry Pegula stated his long ties to football, including ironically, being a Lions fan and his passion for the team. He, although apologetically, showed his support for a new stadium, praised Ralph Wilson, and more in his speech. He did it all, answered all questions and showed first class humility and excitement.

A better outlook

The game started off with a heavy pounding of the Bills. Then, what looked like an extremely serious and tragic injury occurred:

The good news was that Ron Brooks seems to have fully functioning limbs as he was able to move his hand.

Personally, I feel as though this tweet summarized the bulk of the game:

The Bills slowly came back, through field goals. Big name players like Marcel Dareus helped recharge the team.

Then came the TD and 2 pt. conversion to tie the game:

A spectacular catch by Watkins leads to a 58 YARD FIELD GOAL to win the game!:

So it seems the Bills have redeemed themselves under Orton, at least for the short term. This should make the Pegula takeover much more optimistic if they make the playoffs.

What a mess

That game was unnecessarily wild, terrible and revealing at the same time. Earlier this week I was under the impression the Bills had the game in the bag. In fact, even into the 4th quarter I was still on the EJ bandwagon, as I favorited Jay Skurski’s post, something most fans went against doing:

There were flashes of what I felt were talent and hope from EJ:

I don’t like to RT any WGR staff members but I think this sums up the last play (as many tweets about the last play contain too many expletives):

2-2 is NOT good in my book. Playoffs is a tough word to spit out now. And they have to face the red-hot Lions: